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SPROAT LAKE - Bike The Lake

The tranquil waters of Sproat Lake have long served as the resting spot for the mighty 1945 Coulson Martin Mars Water Bombers. These steel mammoths were built in part by 'Rosie The Riveters' at Baltimore's Glenn L Martin Aircraft Company during WW2. 

The lake is also the home of many other wonders including the 'Swan' a Steamship built before anyone reading this was even a consideration. That little ship worked the waters throughout the Alberni Valley in the early 20th Century eventually finding its spot at the bottom of Sproat Lake in the mid 1950's. It remained there for 40 years until a local fellow decided enough was enough and he raised it to the surface. Today it sits outside of the Marine Heritage Centre as a memory of those times. She is being lovingly restored and preserved. Our bike ride today helps to mark the history of this lake through planes and boats and now cyclists. Enjoy your journey. 



THE NO. 7 STEAM TRAIN - Run the Train

A symbol of power and industry's longstanding place in Port Alberni, this 1927 Baldwin Steam Locomotive is adoringly referred to as The No. 7. If you're lucky, you'll see well-known local musical conductor Patricia Miller, also a certified conductor aboard the Alberni Pacific Railway. 

The train's path takes it from our bustling waterfront, through town, and out towards the Mclean Mill National Historic Site. This steam-powered sawmill originally ran from 1926 to 1965. 

The train today is operated by local group known as the McLean Mill Society. The location you'll visit at the conclusion of any of the runs is a National Historic Site owned by the City of Port Alberni. The MMS is focussed on Events and they are excited to offer the Canada Day Run the Train as a feature event for 2018. Join us; you'll love it! 

We are excited to confirm that 2018 brings the return of our beloved 1929 Baldwin Steam Train to this event! That'll love it! Just don't get caught dogging it when the old timer is right behind you...! 

For more information regarding The No.7 Steam Train,
contact Port Alberni Steam Train


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We visit Sproat Lake again this time for our event known in 2017 as 'Swim the Plane' but in 2018 we're now focusing on another heritage - the Petroglyphs. These were carved by the First People's of the area some 800 years ago by best estimates. The swim routes will take people toward the historic area with those doing the Challenge and Iconic getting closest to them. Additionally the area is accessible via a short walk from the start of the swim area. It is a must see for anyone who appreciates the history and artistic abilities of the peoples who first inhabited and no doubt promoted the area.