Welcome to the Tri-Conic Challenge! So, what is it anyway? Well, first let's break down the word - a new word not yet found in the dictionary never knows the future. 

The word 'Tri' can be taken two ways and we use both. 

We TRY! Or, we Tri 

Tri also means three so we Try the Tri so to speak. It's a triathlon concept albeit rather different than most.

Within the word Tri-Conic (we like the hyphen - not sure why....) you'll find the word ICON. We use that word because...

We have many Icon's in Port Alberni. Our initial Tri-Conic Challenge in 2017 featured three very unique (to us) 'Icons' that you simply don't find everywhere. They are:

The No. 7 Steam Train. Port Alberni is blessed with a working Steam Train that travels the '6 mile' track to the McLean Mill National Historic Site on a seasonal basis. The No. 7 is a 1929 Baldwin that is a pride and joy of the entire area. The train then becomes the feature of the 'Run the Train.'

The 1958 MV Frances Barkley. This is an old ship that is privately owned in Port Alberni that is used year round to move goods and people up and down the Alberni Inlet. During the high season the Ship travels the Inlet every day of the week and during the off-season you'll find it on the water three times per week servicing Bamfield, Kildonan and other areas along the inlet. The ship for 2017 became the feature for the 'Bike the Boat.'

In the mid-1940's seven 'Martin Mars' aircraft were built for the US Navy initially being used as a passenger transport plane. In 1959 the four remaining Martin Mars were sold to a consortium of British Columbia Forestry Companies and in turn converted to Fire Fighting Water Bombers. The last two remaining aircraft (the Hawaii Mars and the Philippine Mars) are located on Sproat Lake just outside of Port Alberni. The plane with its perch on Sproat Lake forms the backdrop of the Swim event thus its referred to as: 'Swim the Plane.' 

Finally, within the word Tri-Conic one will find the word: ICONIC. Simply put, we think that our event is ICONIC! You will too! 

For 2018 and beyond we do expect the Tri-Conic Challenge to grow and evolve. The event for 2018 will not be held 'back to back' over three days as it was in 2017 and instead we are building on the theme of individual events that one can select either of or alternatively visit us three times over a six week period to join in all three - thus your Triathlon - Tri-Conic Style. Dive into the rest of the site for more information on Tri-Conic version 2.18




We acknowledge the financial support of the
Government of Canada.
Nous reconnaissons l'appui financier du
gouvernement du Canada.



The Tri-Conic Challenge was an initiative of the Alberni Valley Chamber of Commerce that was supported by Canada 150 as a Feature Event aimed at celebrating Canada's Heritage. The Alberni Valley Chamber of Commerce extends its thanks to Canada 150 for believing in our vision so that we could bring this incredible event to the Alberni Valley. 

The Alberni Valley Chamber of Commerce acknowledges the support of many local photographers who's work is evident throughout the website; Those photographers include: Lyndon Cassell, Darran Chaisson, Dan Fredlund, Susan Roth, Brenda/Russ Widdess.