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The tranquil waters of Sproat Lake have long served as the resting spot for the mighty 1945 Coulson Martin Mars Water Bombers. These steel mammoths were built in part by 'Rosie The Riveters' at Baltimore's Glenn L Martin Aircraft Company during WW2. 

Sproat Lake serves as a refuge for the community amidst the intense heat of summer.

Its immense, winding shoreline offers many peaceful hideaways and scenic vistas just awaiting to be experienced. 

The lake is also home to the Ka-ka'win Petroglyphs, fascinating and intricate stone carvings that pre-date modern history.

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Adventurer Frances Barkley 1769-1845, was the first European woman to explore Canada's west coast, and one of the first women to ever sail around the world. Her indomitable spirit is honoured along the Somass Canal, the 1958 MV Frances Barkley continues to ferry supplies, residents, and tourists to their destination: the picturesque Coastal Community of Bamfield. 

Connecting two coastal communities together has earned the ship its place as an icon in the Alberni Valley. 

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A symbol of power and industry's longstanding place in Port Alberni, this 1927 Baldwin Steam Locomotive is adoringly referred to as The No. 7. If you're lucky, you'll see well-known local musical conductor Patricia Miller, also a certified conductor aboard the Alberni Pacific Railway. 

The train's path takes it from our bustling waterfront, through town, and out towards the Mclean Mill National Historic Site. This steam-powered sawmill originally ran from 1926 to 1965. 

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