bike the

p̕inw̕ał (ship)

bike - sunday, may 27th, 2018


Our Bike event for 2018 will bring you to the beautiful area surrounding Sproat Lake. The event will start at either the Provincial Park itself or we are also considering the nearby Sproat Lake Community Hall. There will be four ride versions again this year but the specifics of each are still being worked on. Count on a Smolt ride the kids or approximately 3-5km, a Sprint ride of ~ 10 - 20km, a Challenge ride of +/- 90km and a grueling Iconic ride that will be upwards of 180km. Most if not all rides will be on gravel for a good portion if not the entire route. 

The ride this year marks the history of the famed 'Swan' an old Steam Powered Boat that spent most of the last 40 years at the BOTTOM of Sproat Lake. It's last voyage was on May 24, 1954 and then after that it was purposely sunk because.....guess they didn't need it anymore. It was raised in 1994 and is now at the Marine Heritage Centre undergoing a lot of maintenance. See more here: 

8:00am Sunday, May 27, 2018

More race day details are available here


run the

muuna (train)

run - sunday, june 17th, 2018

All-out foot races begin at the Harbour Quay E&N Railway Train Station, home of Port Alberni's Iconic 1929 No. 7 Baldwin Steam Train.

This event started it all! Known on its own as the No. 7 Challenge, "Sprint" runners will race the train on a 10K journey from our bustling waterfront, through town, and out to the McLean Mill National Historic Site - Canada's only operational Steam Powered Mill. Both the Challenge and Iconic races will also start at the Train Station and new for 2018 they too will end at the National Historic Site. Our Smolt Run will take place at Harbour Quay and it will include a ride on the Train out to the Site where all the fun will be. 

Remember, this is FATHER'S DAY! We're going to include some fantastic things for all Dad's of any age! Like how about a beer/burger just to make things feel a bit better after a long run! Car show? Steam Up event? Music? Bands? 

8:00am Sunday, June 17, 2018 FATHER'S DAY 

More race day details are available here


swim the

matuk (plane)

SWIM - sunday, july 8th, 2018

Extreme open-water swims begin on beautiful Sproat Lake Provincial Park, which has been the home-base for Coulson's Iconic 1945 Martin Mars Flying Tankers

Though the 'Phillippine and Hawaii' Water Bombers are 'retired' from active duty they are nearby and access for viewing can be arranged. This year our swim will feature the historic Petroglyphs which were carved into the nearby rocks some 800 years ago by the local First Nations People. The Iconic Swim will bring our athletes very close to these historic and amazing drawings. 

9:00am Sunday, July 8, 2018


More race day details are available here



Smolts: TBA
Sprints: TBA
Challenge: 100km
Iconic: 100km

running Tiers

Smolts: 500m
Sprints: 10Km
Challenge: 21.1Km
Iconic: 42.2Km


Smolts: 100m
Sprints: 500m
Challenge: 2,500m
Iconic: 5,000m