Frequently Asked Questions


Test your true mettle alongside three of Port Alberni's incredible icons, the 1929 Baldwin Steam Train, 1958 MV Frances Barkley Boat and 1945 Martin Mars Water Bomber Plane. Come experience our rich history of working hard to make a living and overcoming adversity.


The Tri-Conic Challenge is an initiative of the Alberni Valley Chamber of Commerce with financial support provided by the Government of Canada through its Canada 150 Funding Program. A list of additionals sponsors can be found here.


Check out the Fees page here for more specific information on registration costs and what registration includes.

Registration is through our Event page on RACEROSTER.COM. There you will be able to find a full pricing breakdown as well as more specific information on bundling your registration.

Registration Packages to be picked up June 30th, 2017 at Port Alberni Multiplex - home of the Alberni Valley Bulldogs Junior A Hockey Team. The 'Pound', as we call it, will also host our Tri-Conic Kickoff Event.


Yes! The flexibility of our staged Triathlon allows for participants to choose their own difficulty as well as the choice to completely opt-out of certain events. Feel free to pick a Sprint Swim, Iconic Bike Ride and Challenge run as a example. Or consider forming a team with friends/family/work colleagues and each person can take on one of the events. Team events are all in one category - IE: all Challenge.


Port Alberni is known for its beautiful, warm summers. Consider booking a campsite with one of our partners. Experience the rugged West Coast lifestyle by camping near lakes, rivers, mountains, and giant old-growth forests. We encourage you to BOOK SOON as this is always one of Port Alberni's busiest weekends. Don't be disappointed!

6. Why is the run first and the swim last?

Ah, good question! Two reasons actually. There is a major swim event on Canada Day in the Lower Mainland and those folks have kindly offered to assist us for our swim. They of course would like the opportunity to join us hence the decision to have the swim on July 3rd. Additionally, the Tri-Conic Challenge has morphed from the No. 7 Challenge which is our signature event. We’d like to feature the No. 7 Run on Canada Day itself.


What is the Safety Plan?

We have contracted Life Support Air Medical Services to be on site for all of our events. They will be present at the McLean Mill destination for the Sprint Run and again at the Harbour Quay area which is the destination for the Smolt, Challenge and Iconic "Race the Train" on Saturday, July 1

On Sunday July 2 Life Support Air Medical Services will be on site at Harbour Quay for the start of the Sprint/Challenge/Iconic bike rides at 7:00am and will then follow the riders through to China Creek where the Sprint riders will complete. Once assured that all is well the trained professionals will follow the 'Challenge/Iconic' riders all the way to Bamfield. Their vehicle is a 4 X 4 fully equipped unit that can manage incidents as they arise. Leading the bike ride will be two fully trained and highly qualified people including the former Fire Chief in Port Alberni and a former Paramedic. Many other qualified people are scheduled to be available throughout the bike route and at the end in Bamfield. There is very limited cell service along the Bamfield Road. Our network has accessed radio support and will be able to communicate among ourselves in the event of need. All cyclists will be provided with map access that with the use of a FREE APP will allow you to know where you are at any time. NOTE THAT ALL CYCLISTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO CHECK IN TO EACH WATER/FOOD/SUPPORT STATION ALONG THE ROAD. STATIONS WILL BE LOCATED AT OR VERY CLOSE TO: 

  • Lookout located ~ 15.6 KM from the starting point at Lady Rose Marine Services in Harbour Quay. This lookout is located shortly after the China Creek Marina & Campground endpoint for the Sprint Run.
  • At a point just past the Headquarters Bay turnoff. Exact site will be somewhere between the 37.6 and 37.9 KM marks from the starting point. APPROX 22 KM FROM 1ST CHECKPOINT.
  • At Sarita Lake located at the 58.6 KM mark from the starting point. Nice viewpoints here! This site is located ~ 21KM from the second checkpoint.
  • At the 80KM mark located at the Welcome to Huu-ay-aht Sign near a recent logging area. This location is ~ 22KM from the 3rd checkpoint and is located near the end of the 'gravel' road. Bamfield is located ~ 10km from the Checkpoint. 
  • The end point will be at the Government Dock located to the left down the hill from the STOP SIGN in Bamfield. End point will have food/water/physiotherapy assistance and we'll have your backpacks and personal belongings there waiting for you.
  • The Team Tri-Conic has also booked a motel room for our riders to use for shower purposes and change of clothes. We will ask that riders limit their stay in the motel room to 10 minutes so that all can use the facility. 

On Monday, July 3 the team will be at Sproat Lake Provincial Park and available for any/all needs. In addition that we have Trained Lifeguards under contract that will be in the water ensuring that all swimmers are safe. The on water support will also include the Alberni Valley Rescue Society (Search and Rescue) who will be there with their fully equipped rescue watercraft. Swimmers will be identified by the colour of swim hat which will correspond to the distance choice (100m, 500m, 2000m, 4000m). Our plan is to start with the SMOLT swim at 9:00am and follow shortly afterwards by the 500m. The next race to start will be the 4000m which we expect will start before 9:45am. The 2000m swim will start shortly after that. NOTE: The 4000m swimmers will do the loop twice and will exit the water after the first loop and then re-enter and carry on. 

All three days are supported by professional Physiotherapists who will be set up at Harbour Quay for the Run events, Harbour Quay & Bamfield for the Bike events and again at Sproat Lake Provincial Park for the Swim events. Additionally another local Physiotherapist will be on board the Frances Barkley for the return trip on July 2nd to support any cyclists who may require such services. 

The Safety Plan and other messages will be included in each registration package. We will encourage all to read through the documents to familiarize yourselves with the plan. 


Check out or Shaw TV coverage from the 2016 No. 7 Challenge.